Our Top Ten Tips To Start Your Small Business Off The Right Way!

Our Top Ten Tips To Start Your Small Business Off The Right Way!

Starting Your Business Off On The Right Foot Makes All The Difference

The beginning of a whole new career can be a seriously daunting experience, and starting your own business? That can be incredibly difficult! Being your own boss is brilliant: you get to experience working from home, choosing your own schedule and doing something you’re passionate about. However, it can be a little nerve-wracking to take the plunge and abandon the traditional 9 to 5.

Here at Scented Sky, we believe in empowering our wellness advocates with free classes and in-depth training, as well as our fantastic community on hand to offer support. While we have plenty of resources to guide you through your journey, there are a few tips that can really help you get going. So, scroll on for our top ten tips for starting your own small business with doTERRA Essential Oils!

1. Why Do You Want To Start Your Own Business With Scented Sky?

Motivating yourself starts with you

Our first tip is a step you should take before you start selling doTERRA Essential Oils with us. You need to ask yourself why this is a step you want to take. Whether it’s so you can have a more flexible schedule and work from home, to have more of a balance between work and family life or even just to make some extra money, knowing why you want to get started can help keep you motivated.

Scented Sky Essential Oils

 2. Keep Up With New Products

Stay ahead of the game with the newest products we have to offer

One of the perks that come with joining Scented Sky is the opportunity to join our loyalty programme, which includes free products every month. Keep on top of your orders, and make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut of buying the same old products for your customers every single month: mix it up!

4. Research Your Compensation Plan

Finding the plan that works for you makes all the difference to your sales

There are several plans available, and all of them have their own unique perks and benefits! Make sure you do your research (we can help you there, don’t worry) and find the right fit for you and your upline. Once you pair your business with the right plan though, you’ll be able to see all the rewards.

4. Make A Plan Of Action

Setting out your goals ahead of time helps keep you on track

When it comes to running your business from home (and most other things in life) being prepared is the key to success. Make sure you keep in touch with your upline and set out your short term and long term goals. Ask yourself questions like how many enrollments are you aiming for each month? What classes do you need to attend? How can you connect with customers? Once you’ve decided on your objectives you can go about setting up a plan on how you’ll move forward.

5. Share Your Products With Family & Friends First

Networking is easiest when it’s with your nearest and dearest

Once you get started you’ll be able to share doTERRA essential oils with your community and beyond. However, when you’re first starting out, practising your pitch on family and friends is the way to go. It can be pretty intimidating to share your business with others, so practising with the people you feel most comfortable with is a fantastic way to boost your confidence. 

Let them give you some tips on your approach and show you how you can improve. When you feel as though your pitch is perfect, start experimenting and moving outside of your circle.

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6. Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Up

Keeping on top of your messages can be a total game-changer

Statistically, most sales are made between the 4th and 12th contact with a customer. This is quite a daunting figure, and if you’re not used to sales it can seem scary to keep in contact enough times to make a sale. 

Finding the balance between maintaining a connection and being a little abrasive can be tricky, but it’s the key to building contacts and growing your customer base. Once you have a customer on board, it’s much easier to keep them as one, so keep at it!

7. Go To Corporate Training Events

One of the best parts of Scented Sky is the community of people you can learn from

When you join Scented Sky, you’ll be able to attend our fabulous corporate training events. They’re where you can boost your knowledge on essential oils, as well as access key sales training that can help you improve your business. Even better, it’s where you can make vital connections and learn from other wellness gurus, all while having a great time!

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8. Become Social Media Savvy

Getting your business out there is easier than you think

Social media is by far the most effective way to advertise your business and connect with your customer base, as well as reach your target audience. If you aren’t already, getting on social media is a crucial step in your journey. There are plenty of creative ways to use your socials, so have fun with it!

9. Set Up Your Own Space

Working from home is never better in your own space

One of the best bits about setting up your own business is that you can work from home and choose your own schedule. While working from home is definitely a lot more comfortable than a regular office, setting up your own workspace helps to keep you focused and busy. It might be tempting to work from the sofa, but you’ll feel the benefits.

10. Keep Up With Coaching

Staying on track is easier when you have a mentor to guide your way

Here at Scented Sky, we have a whole range of training and coaching available, to guide you through your journey and keep you on the path to success. From one on one classes to our coaching sessions, wellness expert Jan Alexander has all the tips and tricks you need to make sales and improve your business.

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