Start The New Year Right, With The Opportunity To Run Your Own Business

Start The New Year Right, With The Opportunity To Run Your Own Business

Janet Alexander had just that problem, which is why she gave up her life in the corporate world and turned her passion into a business that reaches a global audience. Now, she’s sharing her experience in the world of holistic therapies with people all over the world, and showing how you can grow your own business from home.

Scented Sky is an innovative business, offering freedom and flexibility to its members with the ability to work and network without leaving the house! If you have a love for health and wellness, educating others and offering high-quality essential oils derived from natural sources is the perfect path for you. But how can you join? 

Join Scented Sky And Start Your Journey In The World Of Wellness

Here at Scented Sky, we’re a community, committed to bringing the best quality essential oils and empowering people to take control of their 9 to 5. Whether you’re an expert in holistic therapies or not, we make sure you’re ready to sell our products with all the knowledge you need. 

Our comprehensive weekly training teaches you the ins and outs of running your own business, and support you at the start of your journey. The in-depth product training from business experts lets you hit the ground running.

These sessions are on a weekly basis, and once you’ve started, the support doesn’t end there! 

Scented Sky Essential Oils

Want To Learn The Ins And Outs From An Expert?

Even before you join Scented Sky, we have heaps of resources to help you on your way. If you want to get a headstart by learning the industry from an expert, then we have the thing for you. Jan Alexander offers free classes going in-depth on everything from the benefits of essential oils to how you can balance your home life while working from home. 

We also offer a fabulous podcast, where Jan discusses the realities of running a business, the properties of essential oils, and how Doterra can help health and wellness. We also offer training, documents, tutorials and more! 

While all these resources help you on your way towards running your own flexible business, the community around Scented Sky makes all the difference. We see ourselves as a family, giving each other support and advice. With events ranging from smaller team meetings to global conventions, you can get to know fellow consultants and create connections.

The best thing about Doterra is the personal approach we take. There’s no dealing with bots or filling out forms, as our advocates work directly with customers. So if getting out there and chatting with people as you show them all the benefits essential oils can bring into their lives is your thing, Scented Sky lets you thrive! 

So, What Are You Waiting For?

There are tons of ways to join Scented Sky, including our range of brilliant enrollment kits, that give you all the products you need to start providing your customers with the highest quality natural oils. If you have any questions (or are just excited to get started as soon as possible!) get in touch with one of our amazing advocates.

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